Mission Statement

SRI is committed to serving employees, contractors, clients, consultants and customers.

SRI will do this by providing innovative, reliable, and superior solutions which will allow SRI to produce outstanding financial returns while positioning ourselves as a competitively superior premiere US based global IT firm.

Vision Statement

SRI will be the most preferred premiere US based Interdisciplinary IT Solutions Company in the world.

SRI will accomplish this by creating an inclusive world class multi-ethnic company.

SRI will create an ethical business environment and culture that nurtures, develops, and rewards the best and the brightest from the business and technology arenas, thus allowing each to realize their respective professional and personal aspirations.

Quality Assurance

Our Hardware and Software affiliates are ISO certified.

We have a QC ratio in software of 1:3 (For every three developers who write code there is one tester).

We perform Root Cause Analysis, Event Diagrams and other procedures are in place to ensure our the quality of our services to our clients.

One of our Offshore Technology Center was recently assessed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) as CMM Level 5.