Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY: SRI takes responsibility for our decisions at the individual & company levels.
ACHIEVEMENT: SRI aspires to the highest level of excellence in our products and services.
ACTION: SRI moves quickly into action after wise planning. SRI believes in moving forward for maximum results.
ATTITUDE: SRI believes that remaining positive and looking ahead are essential parts of achieving goals.
BALANCE: SRI strives for well-rounded employees who combine work, family, and recreation.
BEHAVIOUR: SRI will always behave in the highest ethical manner in all relationships and expect everyone to exhibit the highest degree of moral character, technical excellence, quality, and competence.
CHALLENGE: SRI will actively search for opportunities to improve our business practices, question boundaries, and embrace all forms of change in an ever changing industry.
COMMITMENT: SRI keeps promises to clients, employees, and their families.
COMMUNITY: SRI donates time, money, and resources to local charitable organizations. SRI builds key relationships by supporting the community. SRI cares for the safety, professional, personal, and spiritual well-being of all people.
EDUCATION: SRI is committed to life-long learning.
INCLUSION: SRI believes in developing the best and brightest from every segment of the global society. SRI treats each individual with human dignity.
INNOVATION: SRI is committed to finding new and better ways to do everything.
PARTNERING: SRI believes it is in everyone’s (the SRI consortium of business partners) best interest to share responsibly in business.
PROFIT: SRI believes the purpose of a business is to make money for all people involved.
RISK: SRI believes that taking calculated risks encourages growth and new discovery.
TEAMWORK: SRI believes its responsibility is to work together to improve the quality of business, our teams, our partners, one another and ourselves.